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Raphael Tyson
President and Founder Kingsbridge Corporate Services Ltd.

There are roughly 5.5 billion people who live in developing countries, and over 1 billion of these people live on less than 1.25 a day.

Over the last 100 years, developed countries have given trillions of dollars to the governments of developing countries in an effort to eradicate poverty. Due to a lack of transparency, many of these charitable contributions have not reached the hands of the poor resulting in the persistence of poverty.

The new age effort to attack this problem is to lend money to people instead of giving money to governments. The act of lending money to individuals in poverty who use that money to start sustainable businesses is called microfinance. Creating businesses, creates jobs, which leads to economic development and the alleviation of poverty.

But even with microfinance, developing countries still face considerable problems such  as some microfinance banks charge excessive interest rates, a non-existent credit history is causing instability in the banking system due to scammers withdrawing multiple loans without paying them back, social investors are reluctant to invest in microfinance banks due to a lack of transparency, and the entire microfinance industry suffers from a lack of communication between microfinance banks.

On top of these problems citizens in developing countries have no access to credit which greatly inhibits their financial freedom.

iMicroInvest is a patent pending invention that creates credit for individuals, facilitates communication in the microfinance industry, and brings transparency to developing financial markets. iMicroInvest will reduce interest rates charged to borrowers, increase investment in microfinance banks, and lay the foundation for the development of healthy sustainable economies.

We are the new weapon in the war against poverty. Help us in our effort by donating today!